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A mistake made on the road, in a workplace or hospital can lead to crippling pain and suffering as well as lost wages and heavy medical expenses.  A mistake made in a courtroom or during negotiations adds insult to those injuries and can make the damage even worse.



In the truck driving profession, time is money, and that can lead to shortcuts. Shortcuts lead to mistakes. And just one mistake could cost you. Don't suffer for the mistakes of others. Take control of your case and steer it in the right direction.

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A car accident is the result of someone making a mistake. If you've been injured as a result, then you're paying for their mistake. If the attorney you hire makes a mistake, you'll wind up paying even more down the road. If your settlement isn't enough to cover the medical or rehab costs, loss of income or special needs required, it could be a costly mistake indeed.

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Make no mistake about it, all injuries are "personal" as they can affect the quality of life for those injured and their families. In the eyes of the law however, the term personal injury is used to apply to cases where an individual has been injured in a way that affects their quality of life and ability to provide for themselves and their family. 

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Real Clients. Real Stories.

Doing it right has its rewards. See what some of our clients have to say about their results.

Curtis Armand

“It was early morning, and I was taking my wife to work. As I was driving and came into a curve, suddenly a vehicle was just stopped with no light, the guy left the vehicle in the road. I slammed on the breaks, but the wet road made my vehicle slide right into the back of his…”

Continue watching Curtis' story to learn what happened to him and his wife, and how he was helped.

Phyliss Moras

“I was going through a divorce; I was a single mom. Putting my life back together. In a matter of a few seconds, everything had been taken from me. I was literally waiting to turn into my driveway, and when he looked up he hit me…”


To hear more about how Phyliss was helped, continue watching his story.

Gene Bordelon

“In January I had a back surgery, it was something that was hereditary. I got it fixed, and I hadn’t felt that good in ten years. So my family and I went to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese and had a wonderful time! On the way back, we stopped at a red light and BAM they hit me from behind. A big medical van hit my little truck…”

Want to know what happened to Gene and his family? 

Continue watching his story to find out.

Neil Armand

“Me and my son-in-law left one morning and I guess about five miles from home, we were hit head on. I saw it coming, but there was nothing I could do…”

Continue watching Neils's story to learn what happened and how he was helped.

Our Attorneys

Attorneys, paralegals and everyone working under the Caubarreaux name embrace the 'Do It Right' approach in everything they do.
It takes more than a team to counter the resources large insurance companies apply to cases,
it takes a team dedicated to a common principle of tending to every detail of every case
with the same 'make no mistakes' attitude.

Brian Caubarreaux

Personal Injury Attorney

Brian Caubarreaux focuses on the practice areas of automobile accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, offshore accidents, premises liability, intentional torts, wrongful death and survivor claims.

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Emily Meche

Personal Injury Attorney

Emily G. Meche's passion for perfection and detail helps her clients, the victims of all types of accidental injury, throughout the state of Louisiana.

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Gene Ledet

Personal Injury Attorney

Gene Ledet's areas of practice include admiralty and maritime, products liability, workers compensation, railroad accidents, medical malpractice.

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Brock Duke

Personal Injury Attorney

Brock focuses in trial strategy from the initial planning stage to the final execution in front of a jury. In all trials, he presents a compelling and convincing story to a jury, persuading them to see the situation from his point of view.

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Wesley Elmer

Personal Injury Attorney

Wesley's work ethic and concern for those he represents as a personal injury attorney is what sets him apart from the pack. “I always strive to be compassionate and to help clients understand the law and how it applies to their particular case whether that application is favorable or not.”

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Amira Roy

Personal Injury Attorney

 Amira M. Roy earned her bachelor's degree in accounting in 2010, and after joing the Brian Caubarreaux Law Firm in 2012 chose to pursue a career in Personal Injury law and Insurance Coverage Disputes. 

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About The Firm

I was raised by a father who, because of the duties he had to perform in life, simply couldn't afford to make a mistake. If he did, people died.
My dad stressed the importance of dotting every "i" and crossing every "t". Double even triple check things,
never assume or take anything for granted. When I received my law degree and opened my practice, I brought these lessons with me.
- Brian Caubarreaux

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